Taking Care of your Laser Machine in the winter

Taking Care of your Laser Machine in the winter

The global temperature has gone down obviously int he past few weeks. If the ambient temperature is too low, it may result in water to freeze inside of the CO2 glass laser Tubes & water chillers and causes them to break. So we have to take more precautions, and in this article, we have three solutions to avoid any damages. Here are the three solutions:

1. To keep the water chiller working you can utilize it non-stop for 24 hours making sure the water flows continuously.
2. Draining water away from the water chiller and glass laser tube after machine working every day
3. Adopts anti-freeze fluid as our recommended Attention:  Please adopt recommend ad anti-freeze fluid, otherwise may damage the laser tube.


If the above solution 1 or solution 2are cannot be adopted, then anti-freeze fluid will be necessary. We recommend brand “CLARIANT”, and its 2 models are suitable for laser products:

1) Antifrogen N 
2) Antifrogen L 

The adding ratio is 3:7 (3 for anti-freeze fluid, 7 for cooling water), it will not be freeze under temperature -20℃


But other brands of anti-freeze fluid such as SINOPEC: FD-1may cause laser tube damage such as unstable laser beam, abnormal noise, laser power decreasing more than 10watt and lifetime reduction. In the coming future, we will do more testing on another brand of anti-freeze fluid to get more options for customers.


Clean the water chiller before adding anti-freeze fluid:

1.    Drain water away from the water tank and then clean the limescale
2.    Exchange the filter of water chiller if necessary
3.    When winter pass and temperature up, the water with anti-freeze fluid must be changed to purified water again.


If laser machine will not be used for a long time, the water inside of laser tube, water chiller and water pipes should be drained out, especially for glass laser tube. If the buyer did not carry out our instruction, any broken of laser tube caused by this will not be guaranteed.

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