About Us

Why work with FlexMax Laser & CNC Machines?


We are strategic partners in the United States of giant factories that are leaders in the manufacture of industrial laser and CNC machines. As such, we have access to special configurations and excellent prices for our market. In addition, we install the machines in your factory through the engineers who manufacture them.

Who is FlexMax Laser & CNC Machines?


FlexMax is a proud American brand and corporation with a presence and operations in the country since 2009. Over the years, we have installed thousands of machines for many satisfied customers throughout the United States of America. We belong to significant associations worldwide, such as The International Sign Association, The Specialty Graphic Imaging Association, The Imprinted Sportswear, The National Business Media, and The Graphic of the Americas.


We optimize the designs of our machines here and manufacture them with the best components through specialized factories such as Hans Yueming and Sungu, Gweike CNC Tech, and Harsle CNC, among others. We have strategic alliances and are distributors of world-renowned brands that supply us with top-quality spare parts.


Looking to follow our primary purpose, in 2023, we changed our business model, now we sell the machines through our brands FlexMax, FlexLaser, FlexCutter, and FlexColor, but all installations are carried out by factory engineers who operate in our facilities and travel throughout the United States installing and training our clients. In addition, to guarantee adequate and timely support, every time we install a new machine, we create a communication group via a specialized messaging and support tool, where the customer can make unlimited queries and request support if necessary; these groups also join the factory's engineers.


We specialize in laser cutters for metal and other materials, laser engravers and markers for metal and other industrial materials, metal bending machines, punching machines and shears, hydraulic presses and tube molding machines for metal, industrial air compressors, etc.


Our locations: (For increasingly detailed information, visit our "CONTACT" section on this website):


Logistics Center and Showroom:


219 S. 3rd Ave Suite 3D, La Puente, CA, 91746


Support center and mailbox:


3564 Avalon Park E Blvd Ste 1 Orlando, FL 32828


Our most essential suppliers:


  • SCHNEIDER: France
  • IPG PHOTONICS: Germany
  • APC PHOTONICS: United States
  • RAYTOOLS: China
  • CURTIS: United States
  • REMA: Germany
  • CUPCUT: China
  • TOSHIBA: Japan
  • DAHAO: China
  • DELTA: Taiwan
  • BREVIN: Italy
  • LEADSHINE: China
  • ZAPI: Italy
  • KORDEL: Germany
  • YASKAWA: Japan
  • PEPPERL+ FUCHS: Germany
  • INNOVANCE: China

Our purpose:


Whenever our client needs an industrial laser or CNC machine, think about the FlexMax green X for their investment and make this happen thanks to how satisfactory the first experience working with us was.


Our values:


Passion for Quality: We are obsessed with quality in all aspects, from building machines with suitable configurations to having efficient processes that allow us to provide excellent service and reach you at affordable prices.


Extraordinary service: We will be creative in searching for and developing new formulas to provide good support at reasonable prices and, if possible, at no extra cost to our clients.


Technological innovation: Our business partners must always be the best, the most competitive, and the most innovative. To do so, we will stay updated and pressure them to manufacture according to what we need and seek for our customers.