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FlexMax Laser & CNC Machines manufactures different types of Laser Cutting and Engraving Machines. We have a Laser Cutter and Engraver for every purpose and industry; machines with different workspaces, cylindrical item engravers, worktables that rise and fall, double interchangeable tables, lasers with conveyors, automatic worktables, double CO2 laser tubes, Fiber Optic Laser Cutters and Engrvers, Compact Laser Cutter and Engravers, in CO2 technology we use different powers that range from 80w up to 150w and in Fiber Optics we have powers starting at 500w up to 4000w. As you can see, we have a wide selection to choose from, and below this text there are 6 banners that you can click on that will help you find the best Cutter/Engraver for your needs.We have Specialized laser cutting and engraving machines for wood, acrylic, leather, fabric, foam, rubber, metal, cork, glass among other materials.

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Fiber Metal Cutter

  • Installation and Setup (1 of 4)
    0:00 Introduction
    0:45 Parts and Accessories Description
    2:20 Laser Machine overview and description
    4:00 Chiller - Electrical connection
    4:20 Chiller - Water hoses connection
    5:02 Chiller - Drain valve
  • Installation and Setup (2 of 4)
    0:00 Chiller - Turning on
    0:25 Chiller - Setting up temperature
    1:17 Chiller - Filter clean up
    1:40 Air Compressor - Installation
    2:01 Air Compressor - Filter clean up
    2:15 Laser Tube - Description
    2:50 Laser Tube - Installation
    3:23 Laser Tube - Securing it on place
    3:35 Laser Tube - Water connections
    4:15 Laser Tube - Electrical connection
    5:10 Releasing Rails before tuning machine on
  • Installation and Setup (3 of 4)
    0:00 Turning machine ON
    0:54 Laser Tube Calibration
    3:42 Alignment - First mirror
  • Installation and Setup (4 of 4)
    0:00 Alignment - First mirror (continued)
    0:52 Alignment - Second mirror
    2:19 Alignment - Third mirror
    3:57 Blower Installation
    4:47 Workable Materials and samples
  • Laser Machine Maintenance
    0:00 Mirrors - Cleaning/Replacement
    1:19 Lens - Cleaning/Replacement
    4:44 Rail Lubrication
    5:24 Laser Power Supply - replacement
    6:59 Laser Machine - Electronic components
  • On this video you will see:
    How to replace the water pump in your chiller
  • On this video you will see:
    Comments from the DeNiro Guy about a CAMFive machine ;)
  • On this video you will see:
    Removing the brackets from laser tube
    Removing the water connection hoses
    How to disconect power wires from tube
    Removing the Laser Tube
    Installing the new Tube
    Conecting the water hoses
    Wires Conection (ground and power)
    Brackets to hold the tube
    Turning the chiller ON
    Eliminating bubles inside the tube
  • On this video you will see: (this is for 1stcontroller only)
    0:35 Installing Smartcarve
    2:20 Selecting 1st controller
    2:43 Installing Drivers (for 1st Controller)
    3:50 Input and Fill text (by right clicking)
    4:48 Adding a rectangle/square to cut
    4:56 Layers: change layers (right click), Order [priority] of the cuts (double click)
    5:40 Point of Origin, zoom in, and parameters
    7:15 Clone for mass production
    7:50 Sending to the machine (Carve out) for 1st controller only
    8:35 Saving files (with all settings and drawings)
    9:02 Export file: OUX laser machine native format in 1st controller
    9:45 Importing files, resizing objects
    11:00 Tips when cutting: (lead in/out, create arrays)
    14:00 Exporting files from CorelDraw and import in Smartcarve
    Engraving files:
    16:00 Scatter Group (after importing), fill vector files
    19:51 Acceptable vector format files
    20:35 Engraving Biptmap files
    25:30 Engraving with the Rotary Device
  • How to adapt a Rotary Tool in Our CMA Series:

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