Why Technological Universities, High Schools and Colleges must acquire and train students with Laser Machines?

The vast technology revolution the world is experiencing today has not been limited to the industries alone. They have found significant applications in several other aspects as well, including the educational sector. In today's world, there has been an increased need for schools, especially technological institutions, to adequately prepare students for proper functioning in the outside world.

A significant aspect of the technological advancements prominent in the educational sector is the making and application of lasers. Laser cutters have successfully established themselves as an instrumental piece of equipment in the technology sector. Technological Universities, High Schools and Colleges are now sources of knowledge the society looks up to successfully instill the knowledge of laser machines, its application and uses, in students.

FlexMax Laser & CNC machines are a fantastic way to inspire the great young minds of today, who are well positioned to turn out to be the great engineers of the future. About a decade ago, the wood working class was given more attention in the educational curriculum.  However, today has seen universities, colleges and high schools have attached more importance to the study of laser machines and laser technologies. 

Often, top quality and well-built laser cutting and engraving machines cost much money than other similar equipment. This is one of the reasons institutions might find it difficult to acquire a laser machine, with a relatively cost-effective budget usually on the ground. Or they might find it uneasy to even fund the repair and service of the already existing or a newly acquired laser cutting and engraving machines. We understand these at FlexMax Laser & CNC machines, hence our commitment to offering technological universities, colleges and high schools cutting-edge laser machines at budget-friendly rates. 

The importance of the presence and the study of laser cutting and engraving machines cannot be overemphasized. It is flexible enough to conveniently teach students all types of design applications, such as interior, construction, industrial, model making and textile design among others. FlexMax Laser & CNC machines are very versatile. Hence, they are competent of functioning in the curriculum of schools and also practical uses in creating awards for faculty staff and even students. They have the abilities to captivate and efficiently capture the students' attention and creative genius to creatively engrave, etch or cut designs into various material types.

Few of the lacerable materials FlexMax Laser & CNC machines can handle include:

  • acrylic
  • cardboard
  • fabric and textiles
  • leather
  • glass
  • woods (hard and soft)
  • paper or cardboard
  • metals
  • steel (soft and stainless)
  • stone or brick

Our laser cutting and engraving machines are capable of line of CO₂ and fiber laser cutting and engraving, which allow students to design and print with virtually all graphics design software, including AutoCAD, CorelDraw and Photoshop. FlexMax Laser & CNC machines offers technological universities, colleges and high schools quality laser cutting and engraving machines at an affordable price with a standard support service. We are dedicated to supporting institutions in acquiring the best laser machine that suits all their applications. Our proven track record covers successful service to many universities, schools, colleges and we offer discounts when possible.

We offer a refined range of laser cutters that are perfect for all levels of the educational sectors, from lasers for an introduction to laser cutting curriculums to the higher spec and more powerful models that can conveniently serve colleges and universities. With FlexMax Laser & CNC machines, you will also enjoy installation, commissioning and a brief training session to ensure the proficiency of your staff or teachers (when applicable). We also provide servicing and extended warranty with reduced repair costs, to give buyer schools a deserving peace of mind. Our friendliest team of experts in the industry, are always available to support you throughout the process.