CO2 Laser Cutters and engravers for Leather Shoes Making Industry

The leather shoemaking industry has commonly relied on the use of various etching or marking tools. In the process of making leather boots and even high-class dress shoes, the process has commonly been completed using cutting tools, hand tools and more.

Some of the greatest Italian designers have a series of sharp implements and shaping tools that they use for the process of creating their leather goods. Today however a number of shoe manufacturers in the industry today are using more modern tools for the process of their leather shoemaking.

Leather boots and leather shoes are created today not with the use of hand tools but with laser cutters and engravers. CO2 laser cutters and engravers are a common tool that is used by many types of shoe manufacturers today. Laser cutters and engravers can significantly reduce production time and help to make sure that any type of shoe manufacturer can very easily emulate classic styles and ornate patterns with any type of shoe or boot design.

How Will a Laser Engrave Leather?

Leather materials are placed onto a machine table and attached down to ensure that the materials do not move throughout the process of manufacturing. A laser beam is then preprogrammed to burn specific areas of the leather which can cause the material in that area to completely evaporate. A CO2 laser can precisely burn a desired mark or selection of wording into the leather which creates an imprint as well as a darker color.

The darkness as well as the imprint around the leather can create a distinct look which is perfect in creating shoes, boots and more. Leather goods today are now precisely engraved using this solution and it is one of the best ways that shoe manufacturers can very easily leave markings in light brown leather, etchings in black leather and more. The darkness and the finished engraving can make a powerful design which is the type of work that you may see emulated in antique leather pieces or even handmade leather shoes.

What Advantages can Laser Leather Engraving Provide Over Alternatives?

A CO2 laser has become one of the most popular methods for engraving leather for very good reason. One of these types of devices can offer some huge advantages to manufacturers simply because they are capable of completing a wide range of engraving tasks at a fraction of the time that would typically take from a cutting tool or hand methods. Laser engraving machines can perform extremely detailed and precision work that goes far beyond what any handmade leather cutting tool could do. CO2 lasers are also capable of producing ongoing precision results ensuring that a luxury shoe manufacturer can get a consistent product every single time that something rolls off their production line.

For shoe and boot manufacturers that have been producing materials by hand over generations, this future update represents the chance to completely revolutionize manufacturing with an accurate solution which can produce the same results in a fraction of the time.

As an additional bonus in manufacturing, CO2 lasers require very little in the way of maintenance in order to run. With the help of one of these lasers it could be possible to go through hundreds or even thousands of parts in a single day. Through the added precision and the speed at which the laser can perform its job as well as the minimal need to shut down for maintenance, this is a device that could lend itself as a huge help to any type of manufacturing line.

The setup for these devices is also made extremely simple through the help of advanced computer software that can help to introduce engravings and images that will be instantly transferable for any type of leather. With the image is uploaded into the software, the machine can go about re-creating even complex patterns.

CO2 laser devices have become more affordable than ever before. With systems that are designed to fit the needs of almost any manufacturer it can be possible for anyone to break into this market or update their manufacturing line with this latest in technology. The machines have also undergone an extensive amount of miniaturization so that any manufacturer can fit these items onto their factory floor or integrate them into a workspace. This means that even some of the smallest in custom shoe manufacturers can get a laser engraver that will suit the size of their business.

If you work in the custom shoe industry and you want to update your production line or you would like to improve the efficiency of your current leather engraving, a CO2 laser machine is one of the best methods to create custom engraved touches for boots and shoes.